Friday, July 01, 2005

What happened to the month of June?

It seems that it has been quite a while since I last wrote anything here. In fact so much has been happening since then that I am not sure where to begin! The really big event in our lives in June was my daughter's college graduation. She graduated from Western Washington Univeristy with Cum Laude honors! We are soooo very proud of her and she looked like such a young woman accepting her diploma--where did my little pony tail girl go? The rest of the month consisted on adjusting to having two college age kids move back in to our home--our son completed his first year at the same University. You know, having both of them gone for a year, we got very used to being a small family of 4 again. Just mom and dad and the little boys--Austen age 12 and Sam age 9. The adjustment has been difficult at times for all of us, but I think things are settling down---everything except my food budget!

Sarah will be living at home all of next year (she is attending graduate school at the University of Washington-easily commuted to from our home) until she gets married in August of 06 and my son will probably not be going back to University until after Christmas. So..... things better settle down as it seems we are in it for the long haul. :) We finished a bathroom remodel, had homeschool achievement testing and officially started summer from our homeschool year. My boys have been reading up a storm---assigned reading from me and choices picked by them also. I will post about our reading in a seperate entry. This has gotten long, and kind of boring but it is the thoughts that are spinning in my brain right now--life seems so out of control right now and like I am just holding on for the ride.

My sweet husband and I are going out for dinner and a movie tonight. I think we will go for Thai food and the movie will either be Cinderella Man or War of the Worlds. You know, why is it that for months at a time there is not a movie I want to go to, and now that we can go, there are TWO to pick from??

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