Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Reflection

I have discovered Weekend Reflection over at Mommy of Two's blog and thought I would give it a try.
My week....hmmm....

** Monday, work and grocery shopping after dinner.

** Tuesday, more work and the never ending pile of laundry waiting at home. Sam had baseball practice and Austen said little brother was Awesome! Oh, and American Idol.

**Wednesday, work was CRAZY busy. Got home and collapsed on couch to watch American Idol and what a happy outcome that was!

** Thursday, work was still crazy. I did a little scrapbook shopping on my lunch break which is always a little pick me up. Sam was given the sad news that the orthodontic appliance which he has been wearing for almost 2 years has not worked.
So now he will be getting a non-removable device installed
this next month. The part that made my mommy heart
sad was that he has been so diligent in wearing this thing--
this thing which has made his speech even harder to
understand at times--(he is my kiddo who was in
speech therapy for 7 years!) All 4 of my kids have needed
to wear this dreaded bionator, and the other 3 had success with it.
Oh, well , what is another $ 500 with all the other money
we have spent on children's orthodontia??

**Friday -Sunday, it's the weekend!! Whoo Hoo!!! My husband kept the boys out of school and took them to the ocean to hang out with some other dads and their sons from church. My weekend has consisted of eating out, coffee at Starbucks with my best friend, scrapbook shopping with same friend, scrapbooking on a special project, cruising the internet and listening to my favorite music. I found I could not watch any movies on the family room tv as I do not know how to use our new remote control. How sad--when the boys are away, mom is helpless when it comes to technology. My daughter and her husband came over to look at it for me, but he thinks it needs to be reprogrammed. We ended up having a nice little chat while they were here. To make the visit even nicer, they brought me an iced coffee! The day is ticking along here, and soon my guys will be home. Sam was concerned that I would be lonely while they were gone---I can assure him that I was not lonely, but it will be nice see their faces again. :)


Mandalyn said...

Hey! I saw your name on Judi's site and thought I would stop by to visit!

I'm sorry your son's orthodontic appliance didn't work. I know that is frustrating! I'm a speech therapist and I know that takes a lot of work on his (and your part), too.

Sounds like you had a nice weekend planned! I wish you many blessings in the upcoming week!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Welcome! I hope you enjoyed your reflection. Sorry to hear about the orthodontic appliance that didn't work. Bummer. But it sounds like the rest of the week was good! Hope you have a very blessed week to come! Look forward to reading about it!

Sonya said...

Sounds like a great week! Can I come over and scrapbook with you? Seems I never get much time because I'm so busy with my girls. Homeschooling them takes up alot of the time, which is fine. I'm usually just too tired when we're done. If I had a weekend alone, I'd certainly pull everything out in the middle of the floor and wouldn't quit until they came home! LOL!