Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cats alive!

Cat Kisses

Sandpaper kisses
On a cheek or a chin
That is the way
for a day to begin!

Sandpaper kisses
A cuddle and a purr.
I have an alarm clock
That's covered in fur!

Author Unknown

I guess you could *kind *of call me a grandma! My darling daughter and son-in-law were feeling the parenting urge last weekend and brought home a new *baby*: Meet Amos! He is only about 5 weeks old and they had the cheek to leave him alone (under little brothers Sam and Austen's care) to go camping this weekend. That wouldn't have been so bad except 2 days ago he came down with a pretty serious cold. They would have stayed home I think, except there were 8 other people counting on them as they were the ones organizing the camping experience. I reassured her that we didn't mind taking care of Amos, but I hadn't seen him since he got sick. They left last night and we went over this morning to take care of him and he is so pathetic! (and tiny!) I decided we couldn't leave him in the apartment with us only coming twice a day. Taking matters into my control, we packed up his paraphernalia and brought him home to our house. Now, here is the rub. We have two cats of our own. Meet Dodger and Oliver. Perhaps the most lazy self absorbed cats on the planet:


They have lived in this house for 8 years and they pretty much claim this home as theirs. I don't want to set them off and get all territorial so Amos is comfortably ensconced in Sam's room which has a jack & jill door leading into Austen's room. Now we can go cuddle him and hold him more often (he likes to sleep on laps)Which is more than I can say for the two standoffish majesties in picture above) who permanently live here! Here are some more adorable shots of Amos...

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