Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm a little maple tree, short and stout.....

....for so long, we have talked about *doing something* about the landscaping in our backyard. I want trees---lots and lots of trees. But, trees are expensive and so every year we have put off purchasing any. About 2 years ago, imagine my delight, I discovered a little cedar tree growing in a bed next to our driveway. I love that hardy little tree and it just keeps growing. Well.....last summer, my husband discovered a little tiny start of a maple tree growing amidst the rasberry bushes in the backyard. He carefully dug it up and planted it in the corner of the yard. I figured it would die during the winter, especially give the unusually harsh winter we endured this year. But imagine my joy a month ago when I found it still alive and with buds on it!

Now, it has been a very busy month and I really haven't been out in the backyard much. Tonight I looked out at my little tree and this is what I saw! Oh joy--it really is alive! Just as a side note, about 2 feet away from this little tree are the stumps of the two 75 foot cottonwoods which used to shade our yard but have been gone for about 8 years.
Growth of a Tree

I'm a little maple, oh so small,
In years ahead, I'll grow so tall!
With a lot of water, sun, and air,
I will soon be way up there!

Deep inside the soil my roots are found,
Drinking the water underground.
Water from the roots my trunk receives,
Then my trunk starts making leaves.

As I start to climb in altitude,
Leaves on my branches will make food.
Soon my trunk and branches will grow wide,
And I'll grow more bark outside!

I will be a maple very tall,
Losing my leaves when it is fall.
But when it is spring, new leaves will show.
How do trees grow? Now you know!---
Meish Goldish

P.S. Did I forget to mention the 3.5 foot cherry tree start my husband found growing up out of one of my Hydrangea bushes?? I came home from work today to find IT planted in the backyard too! :)

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