Monday, June 04, 2007

Remembering Dad

Time Travel Tuesday, hosted by Annie, is all about our dads this week as we gear up for Father's Day.

I must say that my relationship with my dad these past 5 years has been a bit on the strained side. Nothing major, just hurts that I haven't been able to let go of. Writing about this tonight is hard but good for me as it causes me to look at the bigger picture of the Daddy he is.

My Dad-- 3 years old, 1940

In the Navy---1956

On my parents wedding day in the Bremerton Naval Chapel:
I remember my dad always being my cheerleader. He was always the one to verbally tell me how proud he was of me--whether it was good grades or good choices I had made in life.

I remember going out in the little boat we took camping and fishing with him for hours--he was not always the most patient of men, but when it came to fishing he was always patient. He made camping trips great fun.

I remember him reading Dr. Seuss books to me--he loved them-- and the night before Christmas and The Grinch each Christmas Eve. He worked many long hours to ensure our family had extra cash to do some of the fun extra things. He did all the grocery shopping for my mom--she didn't drive until I was in high school and all the chauffeuring around of my sister and I. He is the BEST money manager I have every seen.

He has a great love of the game of Cribbage and loved beating my sister and I! :) He has taught my kids to play throughout the years and they love to take on Grandpa.

I remember when I didn't get asked to the Senior Prom, he took me out to the movies--just me and him.

I remember in my senior year, the Seattle Sonics basketball team was in the playoffs. We were in the middle of a hot streak, so he took the little portable t.v. out on the deck and we watched the games together out there.

I remember him crying all the way down the aisle with me on his arm

While my dad (really both my parents) have not taken a lot of initiative to be actively involved in my childrens' lives, there was a year when he helped pay for my younger two to attend summer baseball camp. The first two years my daughter was at college, he sent her $20 a month to just spend on some small extras for herself.

Most of all, I remember feeling safe knowing my Dad was always there to take care of us.

My Dad, Mom, Me and my little Sister

My Dad has always made sure we knew how much he loves my mom--by all the little extras he does for her to make her life easier. He is very protective of her.
I have always known, even in the rough times, that he loves me as much as any father can love a daughter. He is 70 years old this year, and starting to feel his age. I have struggled for the last few years to just forgive and forget and accept him for who he is. He is not getting any younger. While I don't always agree with him I should remember he is a good man, not a perfect man and when he dies I don't want any regrets about how I acted in our relationship. I can't change him, but I can change my responses and attitudes and remember that he truly has lived his life doing the best he can to be a good dad and husband.

I Love You Dad!!


annie said...

What wonderful memories, and I love all the pictures! I didn't get to round up as many this time because it's been so busy, but I loved looking at yours. It really gives you a better look at someone to see all those images.
Thanks for traveling through time with us!
Next week we will be traveling back to our favorite or most memorable vacation.

My Life as Annie!

KC said...

What a wonderful post for a wonderful dad, Sounds like he was a very good dad, and that you do love him very much.
Thanks for letting us travel though time with you this week.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. I enjoyed reading it and looking at all the great pictures.

Barbara H. said...

Great pictures! I didn't think about posting them.

I think even in the best of relationships there will be those sensitive spots and hurt places, because we're all human -- we're all sinners. This exercise was good for me to remember the positive things that I had forgotten about. I trust with the Lord's help you can come to that place of forgiveness and acceptance.

Renee's Ramblings said...

What a beatiful post! Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

This was a beautiful post, Kim. Thank you for sharing your heart. The pictures are wonderful! It made me think back to growing up and life with my dad. Thanks for that!

Sarah said...

Thanks mom. That was really special to me, and the pictures are really special as well, to see you and grandma and grandpa and kelly all together. It even made me cry a little.
We're planning on coming to at least some of each baseball game that he's coming down for tonight. Love you!