Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Season Ender!

Tonight was Sam's season ender. They went out with a bang, resulting in a score of 16-5. They had a great season and overall in their division placed 4th place: 7 wins, 1 tie and 2 lossses! Here is the last of my baseball pictures of Sam for this year. I must say that this is the first year that I have truly been enjoying watching my boys play. They have had such a good time and have had such good attitudes that it must have rubbed off on mama. I have always said that I don't know what the good Lord was thinkin' when he gave me 3 sons and only 1 daughter! I am all about quilting, cross-stitching, and scrapbooking! ;)

So, here is my tribute to my little man, Sam the Catcherhot and sweaty!batter up!

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Joyful Days said...

These almost make me "smell" summer. Fresh cut grass, sunshine, the baseball game (love the smell of baseball gloves). Warm pictures!!