Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sending that one back to the library!

Well---I think I am going to scratch the book I listed last night to read--What Would Barbra Do? I started it last night and just couldn't get into it--it was pretty liberal, lofty and had some language in it I didn't appreciate it. I am not one to get all upset by an off color word here and there in a book I am reading, but this just didn't fit and seemed a bit too gratuitous--so here is the new pick!!I discovered this author a couple of months ago and have read two by her that I really enjoy. She is a cross between Maeve Binchy, Rosamunde Pilcher and Marcia Willett. I am excited to start this one--her characters come alive for me and I like the pace of her story lines.

A review from Amazon:

This is not a typical small town/ greasy spoon diner setting. The characters have great depth and Dewar explores and develops them wonderfully, at the same time avoiding both cliches and predictability. Jessie is leaving both a cosmopolitan life and a painful relationship to move to a small Scottish fishing village, where she encounters Magda, the uncompromising gourmet chef of a modest cafe. Through numerous twists and philosophical musings, a fascinating story unfolds. Between the dialogue, dry humor, and food, I enjoyed every second that I spent in the Ocean Cafe. Entertaining, intelligent, and highly entertaining.

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