Sunday, June 17, 2007

With Love

My husband, 24 years before I met him:

The man I fell in love with:

The man I married:

The father of my children:

The love of my life:
Kerry, after nearly 25 years of marriage, 24 of that watching you become the wonderful father that you are, I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude for all that you are to us. You are the heart and soul of this family. The fearless leader, provider, wrestler, homework helper, Christmas light stringer upper, mechanic of many sad cars: come rain or shine, encourager, model of patience and self-control, follower of the Lord. Our children are beyond blessed to have you for their daddy and I am so blessed to have you as my best friend for life.


Olive Juice!


Joyful Days said...

What a wonderful post. Your pictures really made me smile.


Kelli said...

Such a sweet post and the pictures are wonderful! Happy Father's Day to your husband!