Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Daddy and my two littlest (really not so little anymore) went to the reservation this morning and purchased a few little goodies to light off tonight. Don't you know, that when you are 15 and 11 year old boys, it is ALL about the fireworks and that little lighter you get to hold in your hand. Austen has been working all spring and summer for several people in their yards and they pay him well. He has been saving most of it for our Disneyland trip, but did budget a little for this glorious night of noise and light. Here he is with the big pack he bought and the next picture is of both the boys with the sum total of our fire power for the show tonight!
I love my boys but will never understand what goes on in their heads most of the time. :) I will, however, be happily sitting in my camp chair tonight enjoying the show they are oh-so-proud to put on for everyone!!!
(and don't worry, they are closely supervised all evening long by a very responsible daddy!!)

As I was doing a blog crawl this morning, I found a picture on someone's Wordless Wednesday of a flag waving in the breeze. I commented about how much I have always liked pictures like that, so I went out and took a couple of our flag in the front yard. For many years we did not own a flag, but last year Kerry went out and bought one. In this day when patriotism seems to be waning in our country, it seems even more important than ever to us to fly that flag, and to do so proudly!


annie said...

We did the same thing this morning! Have fun watching the show, I plan to also :o)!!!
Happy fourth Kim!

Laura said...

Wow, look at all those fireworks!