Friday, July 20, 2007

My Childhood Home....

Today is the day to write about your childhood home. From the age of 3 until I got married at age 20 I lived in the same house. Lots and lots of memories come flooding back! Our home was a single story (rambler), 3 bedroom house with a brick front. It wasn't large but seemed to be just the right size for just the four of us: my mom, dad, little sister and I.

This house had a large front yard that sloped down from the street to the house. I remember rolling down that hill thinking it was quite a ride--now, it seems like not so big. My mom liked to garden and we had many beds of flowers. Kelly, (my sister), and I would play Land of the Giants (remember that show?) with our Little Kiddle dolls. The back yard was just a narrow little strip of land, but managed to be a source of great fun too. It was a little wider than our old fashioned swing set and little wading pool. The edge of the yard dropped off with a cliff that held lots of small trees, (quite large now!) and bushes. We loved making little houses down in the trees where it was cool and shady and seemed so magical. Mom had a laundry line out back and I can still see clothes blowing in the breeze--watching my favorite blankie blowing on the line when I was supposed to be laying down taking a nap!

I remember my bedroom--pink and froo-frooey. The room where my dad sat on the edge of my bed and read Wind in the Willows to us and Dr. Seuss books--his favorites. :) The room where my dad hung a shelf and grow light for my plants when I was in 7th grade and went through a "plant stage", where I would lay on my bed and listen to Casey Kasam's top 20 count down. I remember sleeping in this room the night before my wedding, crying as the enormity of the events of the next day swept over me.

I remember the little tiny kitchen that my mom managed to cope with, cooking large quantities of food for our family get togethers--especially on the holidays... where we would sit up on the counter while she would trim our bangs--right next her spice rack. If we were real good and still, she would open the little drawer on the bottom of it and give us a little piece of gum which she stored there. This same kitchen was where she expressed her love (phase) for strawberries and decorated it all up with strawberry items. It was adorable.

I remember our fireplace in the living room--lots of brick and a mantel that mom loved to decorate for the seasons and the hearth that became the natural posing spot for picture taking time! The corner where our Christmas tree went EVERY single year. The very trimmed and sophisticated noble fir tree that she just had to have to showcase the beautiful ornaments she spent a year making--

I remember the front porch/walkway--smooth, cool and shady where I would sit on a blanket and read away the afternoon in the summer.

My parents still live in that house--it was built in 1955, and my mom has decorated it so adorably. She has just the right touch and it is so very cozy--many years have passed in that house with many memories.

(Click on pictures if you want to see them clearer)

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My little sister and I in our little wading pool, 1967!


Karen said...

Kim, I just love this post! Oh, you have such wonderful memories and it sounds like your mom and dad really knew how to make a house a home. I can't wait to write mine. I will have to fit it in tomorrow. It has been a long day. I love the pictures -- they bring back memories -- backyard pools, Casey Kasam!, Easter dresses, clothes lines, pink bedrooms. This was wonderful.

Karen said...

P.S. Did you catch my comment from your post yesterday? Check out my blog, there's something for you there.

Lyndy said...

What wonderful memories you have.

Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend.


Rebekah said...

great memories, enjoyed my visit

annie said...

What fun memories Kim, I noticed you got the awards ... I just got them too and you would have been on my list as well! You are an extremely thoughtful blogger.
Thanks for the comments on Izzy's blog. She does have such beautiful hair. I hate that I have to keep it up all the time, it's so pretty down.
The guy who handles our fittings it pretty good. There was a really great guy who relocated out of state. I have had a lot of trouble getting this stroller (took a year!) and I am just thankful to have it.
Have a wonderful Saturday!

Owlhaven said...

This was really fun-- thanks for sharing!