Saturday, July 07, 2007


What a week!


Austen had his last baseball game, worked lots of hours for pay in other people's yards, bought his own stash of fireworks which he was very proud of lighting off for us and left today for his first week long high school mission trip! I am including a picture of Andrew, (big brother) giving Austen an impromptu tip-giving guitar lesson last night, as there was a very real chance that Austen would have to lead worship on the trip--something I have been wanting him to do, but hasn't had a chance to yet. My prayer for him this week is that he stands out as the caring compassionate kid that he is and that he is able to take some leadership responsibilities.

Sam has had a great week swimming in our pool, hanging out with his brothers and reading! He is engrossed in a series called The Capture (Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Book 1)
He is on book twelve! He will be the only boy home this week so my prayer for him is that he knows and feels how special he is to us and how much we love him. He got a little spoiled today, I must admit. After seeing Austen off on his trip, Sam and I went and ran errands. First stop: the library to get that book #12! Then off to the thrift store where we picked up a few Old Navy shirts and shorts for cheap! We ate our dinner outside and then when my best friend came over for a chick-flick night, he and daddy went in to the bedroom and watched an old Star Trek movie! This coming week is VBS at church and he has that to look forward to each morning.

Kerry and I had long weeks at work, even with the holiday in the middle of it. I am so looking forward to our vacation the end of this month to Disneyland! Everyone around me at work is taking their vacations and it is getting harder and harder to drag myself out of bed and face the day, knowing so many are off having a great time!! :)

A disaster! Today was the first day I actually cooked! I made the Cucina Cucina salad and it was to die for! I think menu planning will be easy this week--just a repeat of last week, except I may need to adjust a bit as we are heading for temps in the '90s and I am sorry but when it gets that hot here with no air conditioning it is really hard to muster the energy to do much cooking!

My best buddy came over tonight and we watched a movie together. No kids around. We laughed and ate popcorn with jellybeans. The movie we saw was pretty cute with not much objectionable in it. It was called Music and Lyrics.
We are looking forward to a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow and hope you all are blessed also!
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Karen said...

We enjoyed Music & Lyrics, too. Hugh Grant can be so cute.

Isn't it nice to have one of your children as an "only child"? It sounds like he really enjoyed it, too! Beautiful prayers for your children. I hope Austen has a great week!

(Looks like we beat Judi to the punch on Weekend Reflections:)

annie said...

I thought the movie was 'cute' too!
Sounds like a good week.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a pretty good week. I may have to check that movie out. Have a good week this week.:)