Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday: 21 years old edition

You're 21.
What's going on in your life?
Who are you spending most of your time with?
What's favorite things to do? eat? hobby?

Travel with Annie and the rest of us back in time to when we were 21 years old.

Just turned 21...............December 1982

I guess the year I was 21 was kind of traumatic for me. I got married in September of 1982 at the age of 20, and turned 21 in December, just 3 months later. Shortly after my birthday in December, being married just 3 months I found I was pregnant. In January, just as my morning sickness began, (the morning sickness that lasted 6.5 months) we began the process of moving from Seattle (where my family is) to Minnesota (where Kerry's family is). Kerry had a new job as the youth director at the church he had grown up in. I had never lived anywhere but Seattle! Oh, as I was in the midst of packing for our cross country move, my mom decided to have a teensy little mid-life crisis and left my dad. (Luckily that only lasted until May! )

I spent January until July laying on the couch in my jammies, forcing some kind food in my mouth (usually a bowl of cereal --TRIX being one of my favorites) and then hugging the porcelain throne. I was not one of those cute perky pregnant girls!

My new best friend became Cindy, a girl that Kerry had grown up with all the way through his school years. She was now married and the very experienced mother of two. I don't know what I would have done without her.

During this year I read a lot, watched a lot of General Hospital and One Life to Live and taught myself to cross-stitch. I was along quite a bit as Kerry was gone on lots of trips with his youth group, and had lots of activities and meetings in the evenings. I can't believe how much cross-stitching I was able to complete that year---as I would sit up waiting for him.

It was a year of tremendous change and upheaval--and looking back at my pictures, I can't believe how young I really was!

Almost age 22: September 1982....... Me , holding little Sarah Ann

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Nancy Face said...

Your post was so much fun for me to read because we're the same age! I got married in November of 1982 and turned 21 in February of 1993...three months later! I also did lots of cross stitching back then...for Christmas we gave everybody a cross stitched pillow or wall hanging. I wonder if they actually liked them, haha! :D

annie said...

What a stressful year! pregnant, move, your parents!!! UGH. So, you are back in the Seattle area right. You make me curious what happened next. Is Kerry still in ministry?
I loved being pregnant, funny how everyone's body reacts to things.

Donetta said...

Hello, We are also about the same age. I was married March '82 , 21 in May of '82. We were married 16 years before our daughter came home from Russia, 20 yrs before our Son (Russia) Adoptions both.
How much of a journey you had. I think I have enjoyed your story the most.

Corey~living and loving said...

It certainly seems that so many of us had lots of change in our 21st year.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I can relate to the morning sickness. It lasted 7 months for me and I was sick all day long every day. I couldn't take off work so I just plowed through it somehow. It wasn't as severe at the end as it was in the beginning. And, I was a big fan of cereal, too. Total and Golden Grahams were my favorites!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Not that this is a contest, but I've got you beat! I had morning sickness 24 hours a day for the entire 9 months (even threw up during labor) with all 3 of my kiddos! My daughter, Gabi was my worst!

Come check out my entry.

Karen said...

Kim, I really enjoyed reading this. I don't remember many specifics about my 21st year -- I was still in college, an RA in the dorms, dating the wrong person, and wishing for a life like yours! It took me 5 more years to find the love of my life and 5 more years after that to become a mom. Funny, how our lives begin so differently, but our common experiences as moms and wives bring us together.