Saturday, September 01, 2007


I just got done perusing amazon and discovered several of my favorite authors have books being released in the upcoming year!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

1. The View From Mount Joy by Lorna Landvik (release date: Sept.4)

2. Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon (release date: Oct. 30)

3. There is No Place Like Here by Cecelia Ahern (release date: Jan. 1 2008)

4. An Incomplete Revenge: a maisie dobbs novel by Jacqueline Winspear (release date: Feb 2008)

5. The Courtyard by Marcia Willett (release date: Oct. 2 )

I love knowing my favorites are still writing and having the anticipation of waiting for that new title to be released with a fairly solid date to depend on.

On a slightly different note, as I was browsing around I did a search for Maeve Binchy, just kind of hoping she had a new one coming down the pike--even though she just released one last year. Lo and behold I found a small one by her, that I had never heard of. It might be because it was never published in the states, but now on-line book sources are carrying it new and used. I promptly ordered one for only a couple of dollars! This is it:

Molly Sullivan said that the new baby was a little star. She was no trouble at all and she was always smiling... so she became known as Star and no one remembered that her name was Oona. Star Sullivan just wanted everyone to be happy - her father to stop gambling, her mother not to work so hard, her brother to stay out of trouble, her sister to stop worrying about every little thing she ate. Then the Hale family moved in next door, and from the moment Star saw 23-year-old Laddy Hale, everything began to change - until Star was no longer the sweet, thoughtful girl everyone loved and no one worried about...

I am looking forward to this one!
Off to the mall to look for some sweat pants...I joined Curves yesteday...yikes!

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annie said...

Yay! I love Jan Karon!
Hope you enjoy Curves.
I did it for a year and had good results... been thinking of going back but they aren't open during Izzy's school hours so don't know how it would work out.
Have a great weekend Kim.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Yeah, glad you found some books by your favorite authors! I'm SO looking forward to that Father Tim series by Jan Karon myself. Can't wait!

Hope you found some sweats and do well at Curves. One opened up a mile or so from my house over a year ago, but I have never even checked it out :(

Have a great weekend!

annie said...

I tagged you!