Monday, October 08, 2007

Calendars and Kitchens

Happy October--(a bit late)--Here is my calendar page for month #10!

As I was cooking dinner the other night I was pondering my kitchen....or lack thereof. I think I may have the smallest kitchen found in a single family dwelling. I believe my style of kitchen is called a galley kitchen. I am not sure of that fact, but I am pretty sure whatever kind it is, it was designed by a non-cooking man! Here are pictures. Is yours smaller??? (disclaimer: my kitchen is not the cleanest in these pictures--I really do clean this mess up each day!!!)

This shot is taken from one end of my kitchen looking through to the dining room:

This view is taken from the same spot, just turned a bit to see my sink and dishwasher:

This view is turned to the left and you can see my stove and refrigerator:

This is what I see when I stand at my kitchen sink--over the red counter is our family room:

Even though I own two cats and love them dearly, I have never wanted to be a cat memorabilia collector, but I have found that I like to find funky cat items. Here are my funky salt & pepper shakers and my funky spoon rest!
What fun things are in your kitchen?? :)

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Karen said...

Hi Kim, It's nice to have you back:) Your blue cabinets are so cute. I had a kitchen with red painted cabinets and it was my favorite. I don't consider myself a collector, but my kitchen seems to be filling up with roosters these days! I also like teapots.

Fun post!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I love all of your funky accents! I have nothing interesting in my kitchen, it's mostly all functional and junky :) I have an overflowing pantry and I have stuff just out on the counters everywhere. Mine is sort of long and narrow... sigh. One day I hope to have a big, wonderful, beautiful kitchen :)