Monday, October 08, 2007

The regrettable and the the not so regrettable!

Here is my little book review about this book, which I actually finished over a week ago:

I did not like it. I was extremely disappointed with it. I have read several books by Lorna Landvik, and enjoyed them. I just could never really care about the characters in this book. The cheerleader character (shown on the cover) is the most unlikeable character I have read about in a long time. She is manipulative, selfish, and a class A 'user'--not just when she was an immature teenager, but also as she moved through adulthood. Yes, she had a tough childhood, but her parents were more pitiful than mean and I don't think it excused her meaness. The boy in the book was equally unlikeable. I could kind of understand him coming under the spell of Kristi, the girl previously written about. But he took a long time into adulthood to grow a spine and stand up to her. There is quite a bit of s*x talk and the subject of homos*xuality is touched upon also.
I guess, bottom line, I did not care for the tone of the book. I finished it, although at times I kind of wanted to quit, but I had purchased it in hardcover so felt obligated to finish.

Now I am reading a new book
and I like it! Patti Callahan Henry has a nice writing style. There are two story lines intertwined here and I like that literary element. I definitely think I will read more by her.

I am going to post my fall reading challenge picks in a separate post so I can link directly to it. Many of the ones I picked can also be found on my unread author list, but there will be a few others too.

Happy Reading

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Joyful Days said...

I hate it when there is a book that I feel is a "must finish." I've read more than one like that. It's better if they are library books and I can just return them.