Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stacey's QOTD....Dishes!

Today's QOTD by Stacy over at Exceedingly Mundane is all about dishes! She asked if we have more than one set, do we have any seasonal, and do we share a love for dishes like she does?

Well......I inherited a desire for dishes from my mother! When I was a little girl my mom started collecting some beautiful Christmas dishes. She also inherited my grandmother's Johnson Brothers set (gorgeous) called Friendly Village. And she bought another Johnson Brothers set at a garage sale. She also collects green depression glass and it makes for a simply lovely table. On top of all this, she has various cheaper sets that she uses as mix and match stuff to fit the seasons.

I have my every day dishes which I got as wedding gifts, two place settings of my Noritake china that I have never used and are packed away in the attic, a beautiful Christmas set, and an older and cheaper Christmas set that my husband bought me 20 years ago. I also have a non brand-name set of China that my mother gave me when she got tired of it--the first set of dishes she owned to use for entertaining.

My everyday's are Mikasa Capistrano. I have been married 25 years and I am getting a bit tired of these. I did pack them away for about 7 years , after I bought a cheap blue set from Target. At about the 7 year mark, not many of those were left, so out came the Mikasa again!!! I am hoping to get some Fiesta Ware sometime in the next couple of years

Here is part of my Christmas set: It is Charlton Hall made by Kobe
Here is a picture of the first china my mom owned....
It was made by Harmony House and was sold by Sears in the '60s. For as inexpensive as it was, it has held up great. I have place-settings for 9--and they are over 40 years old. :) This picture isn't great, but the stars in the ring pattern are a really pretty gold color.

That is about it for what I own. Do you love dishes too? Go on over to Stacey's and join in the fun of discussing your set/sets!

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh my, I'm about to hyperventilate at all of your gorgeous dinnerware! I have always loved that Johnson Brothers set, and I bet it does look fabulous with the green depression glass. My mom had a very few piece of red depression glass that I hope to get one day. They're still sitting in the same cabinet at my dad's house, never used, never touched, never washed or dusted, I'm sure! :)

I love all of your others, especially your every day ones. My Mikasa have held up so well, but I am tired of the plain white after nearly 13 years of using them every day. I think 25 years is plenty of time to get a new set or two! I just wish I had more space for dishes, I would have a ton more :)

Thanks for posting and stopping by, you KNOW I love this post Kim!!!

annie said...

So pretty!
We recieved 12 place settings of wedgewood bone china for our wedding gift... I have never used it. It's in the attic in the original boxes. I had it in the china cabinet until I inherited matt's grandmothers 16 settings of desert rose along with the platters and bowls and stuff. I love it. I don't use it either much though.
I use purple stoneware and disposable stuff daily. I know, bad huh?
My mother collects pink depression glass. She has so much of it... and hundreds of teapots, focusing on pink.
I enjoyed seeing your dishes!

Karen said...

This was a fun post! I love your Mikasa, they're so pretty. I have severak sets of dishes -- all passed down from family, except the one set I bought myself a few years ago -- actually it was a gift from my dad. It's the Lenox butterfly collection. We use it for special occassions, but I have a setting of 12 and you can put them in the dishwasher -- awesome.

If I had the room, I would collect a dozen different sets of dishes! I enjoyed seeing yours! I'll have to hop over to see Stacy's post.