Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Glimmering Light....

....just thought I would share a couple of thoughts here tonight with you all. The first is a wonderful product you should know about if you like candles. Tea Lights! I love these little candles which do not end up melting all over the place like a slightly larger voltive is apt to do. I love to have candles lit all over the family/dining/kitchen rooms when we are home at night--especially during the fall and winter. Makes the rooms feel cozy. But because tea lights are so tiny, they don't last as long as a regular candle would, so I end up needing lots and lots and lots of tea lights in order to get through the holiday season. Guess where I get mine?....Did you guess IKEA???? Well, that would be the correct answer!They are only $2.99 for a pack of 100!!!!! Heavens to Betsy--I saw a pack of 20 at Target for more than $2.99. So, if you like little glimmering lights as much as I do, and if there is an IKEA within a reasonable distance from your home, run...don't walk..and get yourself some of these little goodies!!

The second little nugget I feel the need to share with you concerns music. Christmas music to be exact. In my opinion this artist is the most talented christian song writer and performer... ...that is correct: Steven Curtis Chapman. His older Christmas cd (I haven't heard his new one) is incredible--a mix of carols that he has arranged and original songs he wrote--has become my favorite Christmas cd. I am not a fan of the carol, O Come, O Come, Emannuel, but his rendition is glorious and oh-so worshipful that it really caused me to listen to the words and discover newly found beauty in them.

I hope these two public service announcements will cause you even a small glimmer of Christmas joy.....

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

No IKEA for hundreds of miles here! I do love tealights and you're right about them being high at Target. One thing I do is put them in this metal tree thing I bought at Target several years ago. I put it on my breakfast table. I should take a photo of it, it's hard to describe!

I love Christmas music :)

Have a wonderful day!!!