Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Stacy (at Exceedingly Mundane) has asked a question of the day and I thought I would go a head and post my answer:

Today’s Christmas-themed “Question of the Day” is about nativities. Do you have one that you put out every year? Or more than one? Is it a small one indoors, or a large one outdoors? Does it have any special meaning or memories for you?So, how about you… do you have a nativity at your home? Or some other really special decoration that you put out that has special meaning for you?

Well, yes I do have a nativity that I put up each year. It is special because of the marvelous story of Love coming to earth it symbolizes and because it is the only nativity set we have ever owned in 25 years of marriage. It didn't come from some fancy store--Costco, in fact---but for many years when the older two of our kids were younger we did not own one-- just couldn't afford one. Then one year we had some extra money, were at Costco and saw it. I put it in the same spot every just seems to fit there!

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh, it's beautiful Kim! I love that you put it out every year and it has such wonderful memories for you :)

Merry Christmas!!