Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Isn't it romantic?

Annie says:
It's almost Valentines Day! So to give us all some good ideas, travel back to the funnest gift you gave your valentine and/or the most special thing your honey did for you on Valentines Day!

My most memorable Valentine's Day was February 14, 1982. It was a Sunday and the day did not start out well. My boyfriend, (now my husband) was late picking me up for church. I was waiting for him and waiting for him, and keep in mind, there were no cell phones around helping us keep in constant touch with our loved ones. By the time he arrived, I was steaming mad. For some reason, during that stage of my life, it was a major trauma for me if I was late....anywhere! Then, I became the mother of 4 children and that character trait of mine disappeared.
I got even more frustrated when I found out he was late because, for the 3rd time since we had begun dating 5 months earlier, he had run out of gas AGAIN! (We were married for several years before we owned a car with an accurate gas gage!) Then, as I was stomping out to the driveway to get in the car, I accidentally dumped my purse all over the concrete. While I was having my little hissy fit, he calmly and lovingly got out of the car, came around to my side and helped me pick everything up...all the while trying to calm me down. We got in the car and he felt so bad that he reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a little box. He opened it and nestled inside was a gorgeous little engagement ring. He asked me to marry him and after I cried "yes", he admitted he had been planning on giving it to me at the restaurant we had made plans to go to that evening, but he felt so bad that he just couldn't wait to give it to me.

The other detail that I always thought was so terrible romantic was that the ring set he picked out for us was called "The Kimberly"!

Thanks Annie for hosting ttt.

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Nancy Face said...

My hubby and I got engaged six months after you did!

That is such a sweet story...I loved reading it! :)

I had to laugh about the non-working gas gauge, which caused him to run out of gas. My daughter's boyfriend used to drive an ancient Suburban with a non-working gas gauge, and any time she thought he had stood her up, it meant he had run out of gas and was stranded somewhere! He did not have a cell phone, either! He would have to walk somewhere and find a phone, and call hih dad, or a friend, or us to come and rescue him with a gas can, haha! He has been on a mission in Madagascar for two years, and he comes home two weeks from today. I love that kid...my daughter hopes they'll get married, and so do I!

annie said...

Now that's love! What a sweet story!

Jodi said...

Awww... what a great ending to your day!! I to don't like being late to things!

Lauren said...

What a precious story! Sounds like something my boyfriend would do. Whenever I pout, I kinda get spoiled haha! Hey, I need to get spoiled somewhere, since I don't get any spoilage from my parents haha!

Patriot said...

Very cute story! Thanks for sharing!