Saturday, January 05, 2008

more book stuff

Oh my! What fun....because of a couple of other challenges I am doing, this one is practically already planned. out for me. What I really like about it is that my son, Sam is 12 so he is just under the cut off age for this challenge and I am hoping to get him to read a couple of books with me. He is a voracious reader at times and I would like to share a reading experience with him.
It is hosted by Becky and the challenge can be found HERE.

Here are the rules:

This challenge is for those interested in reading more children's literature. (From board books, novelty books like bath, shape, or pop-up, picture books, early readers, chapter books, etc.) Think of this as referring to the "E" (Easy) and "J" (Juvenile or Junior) sections of the library. The challenge will go from January to December 2008. Any books written for the 12 and under crowd. (Interested in reading books for the 13+ crowd? Then join the Young Adult challenge.)

Choose 12 or more books for the challenge. You can choose with a theme--Calecott winners and honor books OR perhaps Coretta Scott King Award winners and honor books. Or not. You could choose a handful of authors to focus on--Laura Ingalls Wilder, A.A. Milne, C.S. Lewis, E.B. White, etc. And read a few books by each. Or you could read twelve books by the same author--like all Beverly Cleary or all Judy Blume or all Barbara Parks. You might want to read twelve books about horses or ponies. Or you might want to read twelve books in a series. Or twelve fairy-tale related books. You could even get elaborate and read 26 books A-to-Z. A theme is NOT required. A list is not required. Choose what you like. Choose as you go. Or plan it all out now. Whatever you want.

This would be a great challenge to join with your kids. You can read aloud to them. Or for older children, you can read a book together and take turns.

To sign up for the challenge leave a comment and/or join Mr. Linky. Link to your main site where you'll be posting reviews OR post a link to a specific post where you're mentioning the fact that you're joining the challenge. You don't have to list your books yet if you don't know. Your post can simply say...I'm joining this challenge...I'll come up with my list later. But I would appreciate it if when you do create your list you'll update that post. Or come back and leave another comment with a specific link.

I will put together my tentative list tomorrow--(getting a bit bleary eyed here tonight)--and I am even mulling around the thought of putting all this book stuff on a separate blog. I think it would help me organize things a bit more.

My List:

1. House at Pooh Corner--Finished
2. The View From Saturday or From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler--Finished
3. Turkey For Christmas--Finished
4. Sister of the Bride--Finished
5. The Island of the Blue Dolphins-Finished
6. No Pretty Pictures-Finished
7. The Search For Delicious--Finished
8. Five Children and It-Finished
9. The Twits or Matilda-Finished
10.The Family Under the Bridge-Finished
11.Homesick or The Field Guide or A Wrinkle In Time--Finished
12.Movie Shoes or The Golden Key or Baby Island--Finished

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