Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thirteen Things

Are you ready for this?
13 things I did at work today--(my first day back since the 21st!!!)

1. Poured a strong cup of coffee on my way to my desk

2. Fixed paper jam in the fax machine

3. Logged in on my computer--checking email and pulling up therapist's schedules.

4. Went upstairs to the all-staff once a month meeting-ate a bagel and wore new years party
hat and beads (provided by the FRC's who were hosting the meeting this month)

5. Managed to walk right past the Krispy Creme donuts without taking one--oh-so-hard!

6. Back down to front desk after the 1 hour meeting and began to answer phones. Lots and lots
and lots of calls. Yes ma'am, we were closed for over a week and people were confused when
their kid's appointments were!

7. Returned phone calls to people who were requesting records from us--my job to get those
records out.

8. Updated all the change of address's in the computer programs (2 different spots), made hard copies and dispersed to appropriate co-workers. (Still need to update the charts)

9. Still answering lots and lots and lots of phone calls--AND still resisting the call of the donuts from upstairs!

10. Made copies of original reports from therapists

11. Mailed out copies of reports to designated CC's

12. Went to lunch at Taco Time--ate and read my book.

13. Opened mail and opened mail and opened mail--for 1.5 hours--I opened mail. I also date stamped the mail, sorted the mail, and put the mail in appropriate inter-office mail boxes! (so much mail because it of course has been held while we have been closed!!)

6:00---Set the alarm and away to my home I flew!!!

Don' t you all wish your day could be as exciting as the one I just described??? :)

Off to bed, so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow......

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annie said...

Wow! You stay at work until 6PM? That's late!

Joyful Days said...

So proud of #5 & #9!!

Send some will-power my way!