Saturday, March 29, 2008


...are the years that we will have an elementary age child! This is Sam's 6th grade year--next year it is middle school for him. Consequently, this is his last year in our young boys program at church--called Stockade--a program that my husband has been very involved in with our 3 boys for 18 consecutive years! So, we have had the last ever bike ride event, the last ever mom & me event which I spoke at, and today was our last ever pine car derby event! (Later in April, will be Kerry's last boys camp out event.)

Kerry and Sam have been working on their cars for 3 weeks and I must say they look smashing!

Sam's Car

Kerry's Car

Unfortunately, Sam did not win any ribbons for speed, but he did win a 2nd place ribbon for best looking car! Older brothers, who have graduated from Stockade, were invited to bring their old cars and have a race of their own. Austen was all to happy to come and join in the fun.

This is another rite of passage for us. I have been attending these events since our 22 year old was in grade school and is one of those things I look forward to each year---next year--for the first time in 18 years, there will be no such event for me to look forward to. Where did 18 years fly off to??

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Karen said...

Oh, Kim, it just hurts my heart when I read this. Emily is finishing elementary school this year, and sometimes I want to cry. I just want to hold on tight and slow down time! If only it were possible. Joe called yesterday and he just signed a lease with some friends for a house next year. It starts in June! Not sure how long he'll be home for -- depends on where he can get the best summer work, here or there. If here, then he'll just pay the rent for the summer and go back in August. Too much info for a comment. I'll have to e-mail you soon.

Love the derby cars. My boys made them in Scouts. Well . . . Joey's hardly held up long enough to race, but Luke won ribbons every time!