Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Relief !!

Tonight, I spell relief with this:

Isn't Walgreens great? Aren't over the counter drugs in America great? ( Notice the cheap side of me bought generic brands!)

Yes, apparently my body thinks it is still winter- time cold and flu season.... along with our weather apparently, because as we speak, it is SNOWING outside my window. Snowing hard enough that my grass is white and my husband and boys just called on their way home from church to tell me that it is sticking on the roads a bit.

What is up with that? I live in Seattle, people. And it is the end of March. Global warming....ummmm.....yeah!

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annie said...

I hope you feel better soon Kim, crazy weather! It is beautiful here, sunny and 70ish. I have the windows up and can feel the spring breeze. I love it! Usually in Oklahoma we are either freezing or have to use the air conditioner!

Karen said...

Feel better soon! I talked to Joe twice yesterday and forgot to ask him about the weather. I guess he's used to snow, so didn't think to mention it. But he left his heavier coat here at spring break, saying he didn't need it. Hoo, boy.