Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well, here is a bit of randomness about work. A place where I spend 8 hours out of my day (plus a one hour lunch break) . I had my camera in my purse so I snapped a couple of shots of my desk area.

Yesterday was administrative assistant appreciation day. The therapists brought in brunch type food and one of the gals took custom coffee orders and made us delicious lattes. The best part was the gift we each got.....$100 gift certificates to a day spa in the area!!! I have never been to a spa--never even had a manicure for that matter. I am hoping to use mine on a manicure and new hair cut. I have been wanting a new look, and this might be the time to get it! Here is the banner someone made and hung for us by our copier...

So, for a couple of weeks we will feel appreciated and then we will begin to feel abused and unappreciated again, until next April when they bring in yummy food and hang another banner in our honor! Oh the cycle of life! :)

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gail@more than a song said...

Fun to get to see your work spot! It's all very neat! And how wonderful to get a gift certificate too, enjoy it!

annie said...

Your work station is cute! and what a nice treat. I love getting pedicures.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, that was a wonderful gift to get! I hope you have a great time at the spa, be sure to let us know what you get and how it is. I've never had a mani or pedi or anything like that either, just a cut and I'm out of the hair salon running :)

Cool to see your office, it looks very neat and organized and like a fairly cheery place to work every day.

Have a great day!