Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I love making lists and boy do I need one for these next couple of days!

13 things I need to do before Sunday:

1. Sam's baseball game tonight

2.Buy treats for Sam's 6th grade end of the year school party on Monday


4. menu plan

5. Clean house before Father's Day on Sunday

6. Figure out menu for Father's Day family bbq and purchase the food for it

7. Hair Cut

8. Free lunch on Saturday at a new Red Robin opening up!

9. Finish organizing new bedroom of mine and Kerry's...hang stuff on wall, sort through knick knacks and purge some of them....

10. Schedule orthodontist appointment for Sam

11. Maybe a date with Kerry on Saturday night?

12. Grocery shop for next weeks food plan

13. Have fun on Sunday with Kerry and all 4 kids home to celebrate him!

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annie said...

I have a huge to do list too! I haven't even figured out what to get Matt and Dad for father's day! Yikes.
Hope you get it all done!

gail@more than a song said...

I need to make a list! I've been gone and a daughter moved home for a few weeks, with many things now cluttering the house! We've got to work on it this weekend.