Monday, June 02, 2008

Time marches on!

Where has this past week gone to???? I can't believe how fast time is flying by and can someone tell me where May went? Although it is June, and my boys only have 3 more weeks of school, the weather is still el stinko around here. It is cool enough that we are still keeping our windows shut and some people are still turning on their heat! I haven't even taken the bulk of my summer clothes out of storage yet. The next few weeks are going to be full of work, end of the year school activities, concerts and ball games!

The Catcher: Samuel

The really big, fun news is a little room switcheroo project we started on Friday night and are still working on completing. What precipitated this room switch, you ask?

This..... Octane brand Elliptical machine which is something my husband has been dreaming of owning since right after Christmas.

We really didn't want to spend the money then want for one new, so he has been faithfully watching Craig's List but by the time he could call on several they were already taken.
Well, last Friday, we were all sitting around, chilling and eating pizza--some of us reading, some of us watching t.v. and Kerry was surfing Craig's List. All of a sudden he grabbed his phone and made a call. FINALLY! He was the first to call on a listing. This was amazing--the brand he wanted, only 1.5 years old, owned by a older single lady and ONLY $600!! He brought that thing home on Saturday night, after much time and discussion of where it would go when it arrived on our door step.

Our house is a 3 bedroom rambler--not very big. But, the previous owners who entertained quite a bit had enclosed the garage and created a formal living room. About 5 years ago, we put brand new carpet in that room, (along with new windows for the whole house) and closed the room off with nice double french doors. This kept our cats out, and our boys for the most part. We wanted to keep the room nice. The room has ended up only being used one time a year--Christmas time, and has acted as a practice room for the boys and their saxophones.

Meanwhile, our "master bedroom" has always been a room we have disliked. It still has the pink wall paper of the previous owners, vaulted ceilings (not very cozy), and a rotten closet area. But we have put up with it as is, for 13 years, never even having had the money to re-carpet it.

Our plan: Switch rooms! My lovely, large formal living room has become our bedroom and our yucky old bedroom has become a den: housing the new exercise machine, a small couch, two book shelves, and a t.v.

It is wonderful--my glider rocker that Kerry gave me for Christmas 2 years ago fits in our new room and we have so much room, yet it is cozier feeling because of the lower ceilings. Yesterday we even purchased a small stereo system for us!

The old room being turned into a den--(better pictures to follow when moving around in complete!)

Our new room:

Looking out through the french doors into the hallway--(we will be getting curtains...soon!)

This corner, where the piano is, will be framed and turned into a nice big closet! Unfortunately, the casualty in this whole thing is the piano--it must find a new home.

So, as you can see, we are not done yet-lots of stuff to still sort through, organize or throw out, or find new spots for them--but it has been fun.

No menu plan this week--since we have games, practices and concert almost every night this week, we are grilling or eating cereal or having sandwiches!

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BClark said...

Good thinking outside the box and now both spaces are better used and appreciated. Enjoy your "new" home. Barbara