Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alphabet Soup

I saw this over at Annie's, it looked like fun, so here are my answers:

A is for age: 46

B is for burger of choice: Red Robin Honey Mustard Chicken Burger

C is for the car I drive: 2007 Mazda 3

D is for your dog's name: (no doggy living here)

E is for essential item you use every day: hair dryer

F is for favorite TV show at the moment: Cold Case (re-runs)

G is for favorite game: Mexican Train

H is for home state: Washington

I is for instruments you play: violin

J is for favorite juice: cranberry

K is for whose bum you'd like to kick: Sams, for not picking up his room when I told him to!

L is for last restaurant at which you ate: Subway

M is for your favorite Muppet: Big Bird

N is for number of piercings: 2: 1 in each ear

O is for overnight hospital stays: 6 (1 gallbladder, 4 births, 1 hysterectomy)

P is for people you were with today: Leslie (co-worker) and now I am home with my Sam

Q is for what you do with your quiet time: Read

R is for biggest regret: Didn't finish college

S is for status: Married since 1982

T is for time you woke up today: 7:00

U is for what you consider unique about yourself: I loved being a stay at home mom when I was able to.

V is for vegetable you love: Fresh corn on the cob, green beans

W is for worst habit: Bite my fingernails

X is for x-rays you've had: teeth, hip, lung

Y is for yummy food you ate today: pizza

Z is for zodiac: Sagittarius (but like so many others, totally not into that thing)

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Joyful Days said...

I've seen variations of this meme. I like this one the best I think!

Didn't know you played violin! How cool. My hubby does and my sons are learning.



Nancy Face said...

I love Big Bird! He's a BIRD...and he's BIG! Haha! :D

I think it's so fun that we're the same age and both had our weddings in 1982!

Ashley said...

This is so great! I might put it on my blog too! I found your blog on Seattle Mom Blogs, and I really like it! :)