Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Simply Delightful

You love the roses - so do I. I wish
The sky would rain down roses, as they rain
From off the shaken bush. Why will it not?
Then all the valley would be pink and white
And soft to tread on. They would fall as light
As feathers, smelling sweet; and it would be
Like sleeping and like waking, all at once!
George Eliot

Bouquet of roses given to us by Esther and Elmer, an elderly couple who live on Kerry's mail route. Simply gorgeous--and if only you could smell them! Delicious!

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Smilingsal said...

Wow, talk about a green thumb! I can't match that, but stop at my blog and see the tree God made in my backyard.

Nancy Face said...

Oh, so pretty! :)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...


gail@more than a song said...

Those are gorgeous!