Sunday, July 13, 2008

A week in our life....

Week's Weather:

This was pretty much how it was all week--this is actually the Seattle forecast and we are a bit southeast of downtown, so add about 5 degrees to each of these days to get my house's actual temp!

Sunday Sermon: Colossians 1:24-29 (Jesus: The Hope of Glory)

Life lessons: My kids are growing up faster than I can blink and there is nothing I can do about it!

Favorite Meal(s): The Crockpot Cheesy Chicken

Treasured Moment(s): Kissing Austen good-bye Saturday morning as he was leaving on his 8 day youth group mission trip to Northern California. (It was also his 16th birthday!)

Simple Pleasures: Having coffee at Strarbucks with my best friend and our two youngest kiddos!

Impacting News

National: Former Press Secretary to President Bush, Tony Snow, died.

Local: A teen in downtown Kent was shot in the head and killed outside an Aarby's restaurant Saturday night!

Personal: Andrew went on a two day trip to summit Mt. Baker

Things I Read: The Book Thief, The Search for Delicious, The Monk Downstairs

Movies We Watched: None! Sadly too busy for that right now.

Interesting Internet

Talked with: Andrew called to tell us good-bye and he loved us on Friday night, before his mountain climbing trip began on Saturday!

Places We Went: Baseball games, Wendy's restaurant, Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle

Budget Savers/Busters Buster & Saver: GAS! (buster and saver--still way too stinkin' high, but a few cents less than last week.)

Blessings: My daughter and son-in-law. They called today and invited Sam and me to go with them to Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. (Kerry stayed home to work on the closet)

Challenges: The heat--trying to be productive when I am too warm.

Accomplishments: Finished my first knitted washcloth and started a second one all by myself. Bound off the first one, and casted on the second one!

Family Happenings: Austen turned 16, Andrew is climbing Mt. Baker, the closet in our new room is progressing nicely...


Pike Place Market

Sam, in the pool we set up today

Thanks Sheryl for hosting Week in Review!

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annie said...

Heat? It's cool there! We don't even swim when it's not at least 90ish!

Sounds like a great week, I'd love to visit Pike's Place Market!

Sheryl said...

Another fun WIR! We went to Pike's Place Market once when our son was stationed in WA for training. All the colors and action there was such a feast for the senses.
How terrible about the teen...I don't even like to read our local news anymore :(
Have another blessed week, Kim!
PS congrats on your finished wash cloth.

Kutitap said...

Now is the best time to enjoy the meals from the third biggest hamburger restaurant in America so have some Wendy's coupons.