Sunday, August 03, 2008

It is Sunday and I am ready to review my week! (for posterity's sake!)

1. Weeks Weather: Well.....this past week is traditionally the most consistent of all weeks for us to be dry. But that was not to be this year--the year of wacky weather here in Seattle. (Remember? We had snow in the middle of April!) So, we had rain, drizzle, sun breaks and temperatures in the mid to upper 60's and maybe the occasional low 70. It is clear and comfortable right now, in time for the big Seafair festival and hydroplane races on Lake Washington. Even have the Navy Blue Angels here performing!

2. Life Lessons: Having a dysfunctional extended family is stressful and hurts and no matter how long I avoid the confrontation that is pending, it is not going to get any easier.

3. Favorite Meal: Sticky Coconut Chicken, and the Lemony Lemon muffins were delish also.

4. Treasured Moments: Finally celebrating Austen's birthday last Saturday at Olive Garden. Andrew came down from college to be with us too. We hadn't seen him in several months! I love to have all my kids together. The other special moment was watching Austen drive off solo the first time after getting his drivers license.

5. Simple Pleasures: Going out for Tai food with Kerry and having a date night at the book store afterwards.

6. Impacting News
****National: Anthrax suspect commits suicide. Because of him, my husband still wears gloves handling the mail at work.
****Local: Blue Angels and hydros wow Seafair crowds
****Personal: plugging away with my various reading challenges and still working on some beginning knitting projects.

7. Things I read: several knitting books, Second Chance by Jane Green

8. Movies we watched: None!

9. Talked with: Andrew and my friend Jodi

10. Places we went: work, Subway, Chao Praya, the newly renovated mall, Border's Books, church

11. Budget savers/busters: saver: purchased a pair of capri pants, a top, and a Lands End white sweater at the thrift store for cheap cheap. Gas has finally come down to $3.99 a gallon.

12. Blessings: My two boys at home--they have been pretty diligent in keeping the house picked up and clean while I am at work.

13. Challenges: My mom and dad and sister-the never ending saga

14. Accomplishments: stuck to my menu plan pretty closely which saved on eating out--didn't do any extra recreational shopping on my lunch break--also saving us money!

15. Family Happenings: Austen got his drivers license! Woo Hoo! 3 kids down, 1 more to go.


The Birthday Boy:

My hydrangeas:

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Jodi said...

Sounds like a fun week! Those flowers are gorgeous!

Sheryl said...

Congrats to your son on his drivers license!
The hydrangeas are gorgeous!!
Dysfunctional family problems are so emotionally stressful and draining...hope things get smoothed out quickly w/o lots of hurt.
Have a great week, Kim!