Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time to review the week!

Week's Weather: 60's and 70's---Definitely an Autumn feel to the air. Rainy and breezy with off and on sun breaks.

Sunday Sermon: Guest preacher and unfortunately he wasn't all that great of a speaker--I kind of tuned him out...:(

Life lessons: Back to school is EXPENSIVE! Time slows down for no one.

Favorite Meal(s) Grilled Pizza Sandwiches, Honey Lime Enchiladas

Treasured Moment(s) Spending time with my college son and his girlfriend last Saturday. Seeing my sons being together. Remembering my daughter's wedding, 2 years ago.

Simple Pleasures : Vanilla Bean Frapp from Starbucks, books, shopping with all my men!

Talked with: Same people--

Impacting News

World :Russia and Georgia involved in conflict

National: Obama wins Democratic ticket, McCain picks a woman for running mate, Hurricane Gustav is poised to come ashore at New Orleans

Local WA: Boeing machinists mull strike

Personal: We purchased a third car so Austen will have something to drive. A 1989 Honda Civic

Things I Read: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Movies We Watched: John Adams from HBO--series starring Paul Giamatti. I went to Mama Mia at the theater again!

Places We Went: Malls to finish back to school shopping, Work, Church

Budget Savers/Busters: Buster: Back to school fees at our local schools. OUCH!

Blessings: Car for Austen, I survived a crazy week at work without my co-worker

Challenges : work load at work, keeping up with cleaning at home

Accomplishments : Getting boys ready for school

Family Happenings : Kerry's birthday last week, Sam got his braces back on, Master bedroom closet project almost completed!


First sign of Autumn

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annie said...

You'll have to post pics of the completed closet!

Jodi said...

Falls coming!!! YaY!!

gail@more than a song said...

We've had rain here since Monday evening, all because of Gustav!
How did you like Mamma Mia? I saw it with my daughter!
Autumn already, wow.