Sunday, September 07, 2008



Week's Weather: --Gorgeous last week--mid to upper 70's with refreshing breezes blowing. Blue skies after early morning cloudiness and I think the trend will continue next week!

Sunday Sermon:--oops... we skipped today.

Life lessons:--You are never too old to go back to school (kind of)

Favorite Meal:-- Prosciutto Pasta Toss, Lemon muffins

Treasured Moment:--Dropping Sam off at school on Tuesday. It was his first day of middle school!

Simple Pleasures :--Sitting outside the coffee shop with Kerry last night, drinking coffee and reading our books. It was dusk, but still light enough to read and very balmy, nice jazz music being piped outside and an outdoor fireplace lit right across from us.

Talked with:--My best friend, Jodi

Impacting News

World :--Hurricane Ike is heading towards Cuba and then somewhere in the states.

National:--John McCain is the Republican Presidential nominee, named at last week's convention. Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska was named as his running mate. She gave an incredible speech at the convention.

Local :--Boeing machinists strike, (again!), Bellevue school teaches on strike


Things I Read:--A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Summer Crossing, The Monk Upstairs

Movies We Watched :--It Could Happen to You

Interesting Internet:--?

Places We Went :--The Ram restaurant, the library, Dillatante Chocolates, Zephyr Bar and Grill, Winco, Fred Meyer, Work

Budget Savers/Busters:-- Buster: Back to school shopping! Salmon for dinner--$8 a pound!

Blessings: Iced Tea at Starbucks, Bookmarks magazine, my kids

Challenges : Getting Sam back on schedule with school starting

Accomplishments :--being pushed, pulled, dragged, by 2 co-workers to sign up for an extension class the community college--Beginning Spanish!

Family Happenings:--Austen has pretty much mastered driving a stick, Sam started middle school, Austen tried out and made it back into Jazz Band at the high school-(his college classes haven't started yet), both boys went on the Great Escape (youth retreat) this weekend, which marks the first time Kerry and I have been alone in our house with no children in forever.

Tried Something New:--new recipes, will be starting Spanish class in a couple of weeks


Sam's first day of school

A picture of Andrew and Austen--taken in July at Olive Garden--celebrating Austen's 16th birthday.

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Sandra said...

Great post, I enjoyed reading it :)

Jodi said...

Sounds like a great week!!

annie said...

Spanish will be fun. I've enjoyed the kids studying for spanish tests and learning a little here and there... and on Sesame Street :)... but it would be great to know another language (or two!). Maybe someday.
Have another great week Kim!

gail@more than a song said...

Your simple pleasure, reading outside at the coffee shop, sounds really nice!