Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's going to be a week...

...I can just feel it....

I am in the process of trying to keep my temporary crown on my tooth until I can get a visit to my dentist squeezed in tomorrow. Yeah--that was real fun during church today, singing the doxology and realizing my crown had just lifted off--real fun. And, I have my Spanish class in the evening Monday, which I haven't even studied for all week.....And it is supposed to be kind of stormy tomorrow to drive home in the dark in the middle of a rain/wind storm....

I have an all day, all staff retreat for work on Tuesday that I am not really looking forward to so much... and then maybe I can make it for the last little bit of Sam's last football game..

The bright spot of the week will be the Booster fund raiser dinner on Wednesday night--any time I can see/hear Austen (with Jazz Band) play jazz is a good night for me! Plus, time there is the added bonus of a dinner thrown in, so NO cooking for me that night!

For the rest of the week--here is my plan:

Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Omelets, English Muffins

Cincinnati Chili, Chocolate Chip Muffins

Eleanor Stew, Bran Muffins, Green Beans

Jazz Band Booster fund raising dinner at Austen's school

Chicken Spaghetti, Bread Sticks, Green Salad


Menu-Plan-Monday is hosted by Laura each week!

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Sherry said...

Great looking menu! The chicken spaghetti sounds scrumptious! :D

Have a great week!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Poor thing, I hope you get that tooth fixed, that sounds like a bother. You've got a busy week, hope you don't get into much bad weather tonight. Have fun at the jazz fund raiser dinner :)

It's just my life....annie said...

The chicken spaghetti sounds yummy!
Hope you have a great week!