Monday, November 10, 2008

Day Off

My workplace opted to observe Veteran's Day today instead of on Tuesday--thus giving us a 3 day weekend.

Today has been a good day.
I slept in until 9:30!
I took Sam to the library to get a book he needs for a school assignment,
My house is picked up-add to that how much I love my Fall decorations and it all equals cozy!
I have had time to do some blogging.
I have 2 loaves of pumpkin bread baking in the oven and the stuff mixed up ready for 2 more to pop in the oven later.
Dinner is in the crockpot.
I have a little Christmas music playing.
I have a fresh brewed cup of coffee with pumpkin creamer in it.
My boys are home with me--rough housing and playing 1 on 1 tackle football and fussing at each other and just plain being the boys I love so much!
I have the new copy of Bookmarks magazine sitting here just waiting for me.

Yes, it is a good day.

(side note: this little session of brotherly love/ rough housing brought to you with a cut lip. Darn those braces! Sigh...)

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Sweetie said...

I think that you had what I would call a "perfect day."

annie said...

Sounds like a great day to me!

amy said...

sounds wonderful..enjoy

Karen said...

I love days like these. The house all picked up, yummy smells and holiday decorations, supper ready to go, yes, even the boys rough housing. It's called 'home.'

Joyful Days said...

Haha! I thought I was the only one considering Christmas music on the CD player. Sounds like a lovely and well deserved peaceful day!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Gosh, just a couple of those would qualify as a good day for me, but it sounds like you milked it for all it was worth Kim :) LOL! So glad you had the day off and a long weekend. Hope the rest of your week really flies by :)

Joy said...


Your post sounds like a most perfectly lovely day. :o)