Sunday, November 23, 2008

got food?

Another week, another plan. This was a hard week to plan for--with parent conferences, my Spanish class, my oldest son's birthday and his arrival home from college mid-week, and lastly Thanksgiving! And wow! When the heck did the holidays sneak up on us?

Dinner at this sweet girl's apartment. (and while I am trying to figure out how the holidays have snuck up on me, I might as well ponder how in the world I could have a married daughter!)

Shells with Ham and 3 Cheeses (recipe to be uploaded later), Bread Sticks, Green Beans

Scrambled Eggs, English Muffins, Fruit
(we have parent teacher conferences for Sam, and a mandatory school laptops parent meeting following the conference)

Prosciutto Tomato Soup, Cheese Quesadillas
(Andrew home from college!)

Breakfast: traditional Thanksgiving morning breakfast of cinnamon rolls, eggs and sausage
Dinner: Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green salad, creamed onions, Grandma Hattie's homemade noodles in broth, mashed potatoes & gravy, relish plate, deviled eggs, pumpkin pie and apple crisp!!!!! Think it will be enough?

Food? Who could possible need to eat after surviving Thursday?! :) Seriously, maybe we can take Andrew out for his birthday....#23!!!

For more great recipe ideas visit our gracious hostess, Laura here!

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