Sunday, November 16, 2008


Some observations:

Observation #1: I need to stop going to church! Why, you may ask?
Oh my goodness, this is why...3 weeks ago, my temporary crown popped off my tooth in the middle of singing the doxology. Shocking feeling actually to have half your tooth floating freely in your mouth.

Today, I whipped my glasses off my face so I could read the hymnal and I totally snapped the ear piece off. Just snapped it off! Snapped like a chicken bone! Okay, yes. I am too proud to wear bifocals and need to take my glasses off for anything up close. But I did have 2 options. It was fixable, I was told, if I want to have it super glued together, but then the ear piece would never be able to bend. Or I could go order new glasses. Guess which option I chose? Not a fan of super glued together or duct taped together glasses, so new glasses for me.

When I got there, I noticed that they were running a special and all frames, yes ALL frames, were 50% off! Well, Sam has been needing new frames, and lets be totally honest here, new lenses also. (The kid tossed his glasses into the bottom of his bat bag one time, okay?!) My glasses were covered totally by my insurance at work. The kids and Kerry are not on my plan--(it would take 1/2 of one of my monthly paychecks to add them all!), but Sam is covered under Kerry's plan, which has no eye glass benefit. You can imagine when you are paying out of pocket, how much of a savings 50% off frames is.

So, in 4 or 5 days, our glasses will arrive and we will have new looks.

Another observation. When I got home from eyeglass shopping I noticed my computer was in a totally different room! Kerry has been working for a week on how to remote access/ router/ blah blah blah our computer so we can still be networked to Austen's in his room, move ours to the den, so we can....are you ready for this? Make room for our Christmas tree in a couple of weeks....Agh!

Yes, the domino effect has begun:
**Because we changed our formal living room into our master bedroom, we lost our room that we always put our tree in.

**The tree will now need to go in our family room. A room that isn't that big and is a funny shape which does not lend itself to many furniture moving options. We will need to move a chair over to the spot that the computer usually occupies, so the tree can occupy the spot where the chair usually resides! Sheesh!

**Because I used to decorate two rooms, the formal living room and the big open space that is our family room, kitchen and dining room, I own a lot of Christmas decorations. I like them all, a lot. I mean really a lot. I even know where everything goes when I decorate each year and even have taken pictures of different decorated areas for quick reference each year. This year I will only have one area to decorate. Which means I am going to have to sort through, pick what I like, and re-do how I have decorated pretty much the same way for 14 years.

The thought of doing this makes me want to poke my eyes out. Or scream. I am feeling so overwhelmed by this, even though I love Christmas and my house at Christmas time, and my ornaments and decorations, I am actually going to take a day off without pay. A day when the boys are in school and Kerry is at work, and I can decorate and think and plan with no distractions or time pressure.
The thought of taking this day off calms the eye poking desire a little bit.

Yet another observation: Our local radio station, Warm 106.9 is playing all Christmas music all the time, now. They started on Friday. God bless 'em. I am streaming it on my computer right now as I type this. I am feeling the need for an eggnog latte from Starbucks.

Observation the last: Trees lose their leaves in their own time. I found these three trees driving home from work one day. They are growing all in row, but I was struck by the difference in the timing of their de-leafing process!

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annie said...

I'm getting ready to start a domino effect here too!

Joyful Days said...

Well...just think what might have happened worse if you didn't go to church. I mean, it could have been...well...(I know you were kidding!! So sorry that it all happened in one shot.)

No-line bi-focal??? Took me almost two weeks to get totally used to them, but it is fine now. 50% off is good, very good.

Domino effect, yes...I have crazy plans for this week, before I decorate.



gail@more than a song said...

Oh no, your crown and glasses! Hopefully that will be all.
I think I've noticed that domino effect thing here while trying to go through years of accumulated stuff...doing one little spot leads to more and more.

Kim said...

I love your fall tree mosaic photo. The leaves are a beautiful color.