Sunday, December 21, 2008

let it snow, let it snow.....

The view from my front porch

I keep waking up and wondering when in the world did I move back to the midwest!!!!

Well--our storm arrived and it was BAD! We haven't had snow and wind conditions combined like that in ages. It started snowing about 3 in the afternoon and stopped around 1 in the morning. Here in Kent I know that we had at least one wind gust of up to 36 miles an hour, but not sure what the sustained winds were--I just know they were a blowin' as we could see the snow coming down against the window sideways and blowing off the roof. There is hardly any snow on the roofs or trees because it is such a dry snow it just blew around!

My girlfriend's daughter was flying home last night for the holidays from Wyoming via Denver. After circling the airport for over an hour, they turned around and sent them back to Denver after a refueling stop in Boise. Mandy (the daughter) said the airline people were rude and unfriendly and she would NEVER fly Frontier again! She is confirmed on a flight out on Tuesday! They put her up in a hotel last night but she is on her own until then. Of course she is just hanging around the airport all day because she is standby until her flight on Tuesday. She has been so homesick since moving to Wyoming last August and just wants to be home!

Our church cancelled services today! We have attended this church for 20 years and in all that time this has never happened! The roads are just too dangerous. Apparently many areas are getting a nice coating of freezing rain --I don't think we have that going on right now and I hope we don't --that is when we face power outages. We are supposed to get maybe another 1-2 inches today and maybe some more tomorrow, really not warming up until after Christmas some time.

10 good things:

1. We did not lose power.

2. It is finally over 30 degrees after a week of temps in the twenties and teens

3. Kerry and I got all the kids' gifts wrapped last night!

4. My son did not try to drive home from Bellingham last night--he is 2 hours north of us. Classes have been over for 2 weeks and he has the whole week off from work. He would have been caught in the middle of the storm.

5. My laundry is all washed and dried. (not put away yet---hey! There are limits to some miracles!)

6. Most of my shopping is done--just need to exchange one thing which I realized was the wrong item as I was sorting stocking stuffers last night .

7. Kerry has a 4 wheel drive vehicle

8. Austen has gotten some experience driving in adverse weather conditions this week.

9. I have all the ingredients in the house to finish my baking.

and the best thing of all:

10. No matter what happens with the weather, Christmas will still arrive and we will still be able to celebrate the birth of that little baby, come to save the world!

I hope this finds you all warm and snug in your houses today also!

The view out my back door

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh wow, that looks like a postcard! So pretty, and I'm so glad you guys haven't lost power. That's awful about your friends daughter, so bad to be stuck like that when all you want to do is get home. I hope she has a safe trip back, and you guys have a very merry, very blessed, Christmas!