Monday, January 26, 2009

any guesses.... to what this is????

Clue #1: this project is for Sam's 7th grade science class
Clue #2: everyone needs this to live
Clue #3: it is worth a whopping 30 points
Clue #4: it needs to have at least 10 base pairs
Clue #5: a key will need to accompany it to explain all the parts.
Clue #6: sugar and phosphate need to be represented

Answer: 3-D model of DNA (double helix), still in process.
Materials need to be found at home. One of the criteria to get an above average grade A: unique materials used, well made, effort apparent.

Sheesh! What happened to the good old days where you just needed to look something up and then diagram the assigned worksheet? No wonder I liked school way more than my kids do. And no wonder my parents never seemed stressed about our education!

God bless these teachers.

God bless one Daddy with the patience of Job.

God bless the mommy who had the foresight to not get rid of the legos collected throughout the past 18 years.

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Annie said...

Wow! what a project!