Thursday, January 08, 2009

rain, rain and more rain (at least it's not snow!)

These are pictures of a man-made water retention pond at the end of our street. We went from Arctic Blast to Pineapple Express in 3 days. After receiving 3 inches or more of snow on Sunday night, the rain moved in later in the day Monday, it continued to pour rain buckets of rain all day Tuesday and Wednesday. These storms come from far out in the Pacific, bringing warmer temps and much moisture. Add all that rain to the melting snow and we had a recipe for another weather event! Many areas around us have been hit with catastrophic flooding.

Most of the time the water in this pond fills for a few hours and then drains away--rarely does it get this full. Aren't the little ducks cute? I always wonder where they go when there is no water in the pond?

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Annie said...

Aw, pretty!

gail@more than a song said...

I so do not like rain! I get tired of it quickly....your pictures are pretty!