Tuesday, January 06, 2009

what a clown

This picture cracks me up and has such a family history behind it!

About 35 years ago, my mom decided to clean up our rec room. (remember that term??) For those younger than me you might know it as a family room. She also decided to decorate it--with a black and white and red theme, which lent itself to clowns. She had all kinds of clown paraphernalia which she collected or created herself. These two ceramic clowns, she painted herself--she was also really into ceramics at the time--we are talking the '70s here. These two clown heads have hung in that exact same spot all these years.

Fast forward about 2o years ago, when my two oldest children, (now age 23 and 25) were little and we would come to visit Grandma and Grandpa. If we were staying overnight with them, the 2 kids would sleep on a sleeper couch situated right under the clowns. Years and years passed, and not until my daughter was a teenager did she confess to us that she hated clowns! They scared her. And...she always hated sleeping out in the rec room with those clowns!

Well, her hatred of clowns has become a bit of a family joke---especially with her two youngest brothers. This picture was taken the Saturday after Christmas, when we finally made it through the snow to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The boys were all out in the rec room playing cards and Austen stood up to pose and I snapped this picture. He immediately grabbed the camera so he could find his sister in the other room to show her this really cool picture. Sigh.... anything to get a reaction.

Families, and little brothers...you just gotta love them!

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amy said...

Ok, I love that pic

Karen said...

Definitely a little brother thing to do! I'm with your daughter. Clowns kinda scare me, too!

Annie said...

Matt is scared of clowns. I didn't know it until we were at the hospital shortly after Izzy's accident and the toy cart came around and left her a stuffed clown with a freaky face. I thought it was cute enough. (she was unconscious so didn't care) and matt came in saying, "a clown? why a clown?" I said, "why not?"... then he admitted his fear of clowns lol!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great picture and cute story to go with it. I think I might have been scared of clowns too, if I had to sleep under those when I was young, LOL!

Joy said...

Kim, that is classic.

Clowns are nasty. There's no reason for them.

(With the exception of your mom's ceramic clowns, to whom I mean no disrespect) ;o)

Sarah said...

You have to admit those two clowns are particularly freaky. I can even now imagine that "happy" one looming over me in the night... haha!