Saturday, February 14, 2009


Dear little friend
With your merry smile
And laughing big bright eyes,
I wish you'd come over and
play with me
And help me make mud pies.

Don't you just love vintage cards? I do! There is something so simple and nostalgic about them. I about choked when I went to pay for the cards I picked out for my little family this year: a husband, 3 sons and a daughter. WHEN did cards get so expensive? I won't even say how much it cost. I will say though, that it took me a very long time to find just the right one for each special individual personality! I know, I know...I could always make my own. But let's face it. That just isn't happening.

I am not a rabid Valentine's Day celebrator, but I do like to give a little treat bag to my kids along with that oh-so special card. Kerry and I give each other a little something and usually try to go out to dinner--not so much because it is the expected couple's thing to do, but because we like to eat out!

Tonight we are meeting my parents, and my sister and her husband for dinner--to celebrate my Dad's birthday which is on the 26th. He will be 73. I feel bad that my boys will be home alone for dinner as this is a grown up only dinner out--planned by my mother, not me. So we will have goodies with the boys when we get home.

I hope you all have a special day of feeling loved.

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Karen said...

Oh, that cupcake looks so delicious! I agree,cards are so expensive, but I give in and buy them for certain holidays.

Happy Heart Day:)

Anonymous said...

I know what it is like to try to find the right card that says just how you feel. Success. So many are superficial or doesn't quite do it. Thanks for being you! Olive juice,


Sarah said...

Thank you, mom. Thanks for the card the other day, but thanks especially for your post on my blog. I know you are sad and I understand (at least in a small way, as much as I can, not being a mom myself yet) why. I love you and will give you all the time you need; I will never force the issue with you but will always be open to talk whenever and however much you want.
Love always,
Your daughter

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, and I want to hear about how dinner went with grandma and grandpa... we'll talk soon!