Friday, June 19, 2009

....and life keeps rolling along

Hello Friends! I know it has been a while since I have updated this blog and probably no one reads it anymore, but my main purpose for this blog was to record our family's comings and goings, and we have been doing that!

~~The boys are almost done with their school year (Tuesday is the last day) and then I will have an 8th grader and a senior. How did THAT happen?

~~We got a dog. Her name is Molly and she is as in love with us as we are with her. She is particularly attached to Kerry. Dog ownership is as big a job as I expected but her previous owners did do some training with her as she doesn't chew, except on her bones, she hasn't had any accidents and sleeps all night in her crate. A great upside to having her is that I am getting out walking every day!

~~My 2nd child graduated from college last weekend and we had a wonderful day celebrating with him in up in Bellingham. We even managed to squeeze in a lovely lunch with his girlfriend and her parents. Next stop for Andrew will hopefully be China next year!

~~I had my cardiac ablation this past Monday and it was considered successful but I may be looking at having to do it again as I am now having the same symptoms on the left side of my heart. I will know more in a couple of weeks when I have my follow up appointment. The procedure itself was not bad but the pain meds they gave me afterwards just about did me in. Apparently I don't handle narcotics well!

~~My front yard flower pots are thriving for the first time in 3 years--I think I hit on a great mix of ivy, Gerber daisies, petunias, dusty miller, zinnias/marigolds and sweet Williams. It helps that the trees in the island in front of my pots have gotten so big so now the pots are not in such strong direct sunlight like they used to be.

~~Kerry and Sam put in a vegetable garden and it is doing alright, but they think things should be bigger by now. All I know is that the pumpkin plants I talked them into planting are gigantic which makes me excited for fall when we have a bunch of pumpkins to decorate with!

~~This is the sky looking down our street tonight.

I thought for sure we were in for a little thunder storm, but so far, nothing!

I just want to say that if you stop by here and I haven't posted in a bit, check out my book blog because I do manage to post on there a bit more regularly.

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Karen said...

I still come by, you're on my Bloglines feed. I'm glad to hear the procedure went well for you. I'll bet you're relieved to have it behind you. At least if you have another one, you'll know what to expect, but here's to crossing our fingers that you won't have to;)

Your gerber daisy photo is beautiful!

gail@more than a song said...

I'm glad your procedure went well too! Good to have it behind you.
My flowers aren't doing so well...probably too hot here and we've had no rain for several weeks! When is fall anyway?

Joyful Days said...

My blog has taken a serious hit from real life too. But we do them for us and our family and the friends who stop by.

What lovely photos!! Even the dark sky.

Take care of yourself. Praying for your health issues, Kim.