Saturday, July 18, 2009

ruffles, lace & bows

Can I just say how much fun it is to shop for a baby girl? My 2 best friends are throwing an "Auntie" shower for my Sarah, tomorrow. Lots of ladies coming and it should be a dainty, girly, frou-frouey blast!!
After having boys my last 3 pregnancies, the pink frill buying has kicked into overload. I can't wait to see how blessed my big girl and her little girl are tomorrow. Oh, and I can't wait until November when we actually get to welcome this little girl into the world. I will post pictures of what I purchased for baby girl tomorrow after the shower. I know that my daughter reads my blog sometimes and I don't want her to see...

...I can say that my dream of buying something girley at Old Navy has finely come true. :)

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Ti said...

When the doc told me I was expecting a girl, no one on my Hub's side of the family believed it because no one had had a girl for over 100 years. So when the doc swore it was a girl, I didn't believe him and bought all green.

Then when I had her...I went out and bought nothing but pink. I HATED pink as a color before she came along. Now I love it! She is such a pink girl.

Needless to say I know how fun it is to shop for a girl. My bank account is also aware of that fact. LOL.


Scrap girl said...

My twin girls are getting too old for pink now, but I used to love to dress them in it. Now they prefer darker colours, it isn't as much fun.

Mary said...

Girls are so much fun to shop for, with, etc. etc.
Have a lovely shower!

ANovelMenagerie said...

I have twin girls... they are wonderful... but, boy o' boy... a boy would be fun every now and again!

But, congrats!


JoAnn said...

Baby girls are so much fun to shop for!! I was lucky enough to have 3 (including a set of twins). Enjoy the shower...can't wait for the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I had two boys and then decided to try one more time for a girl. And guess what? I was blessed with one!!

I have an award for you HERE