Thursday, April 26, 2007

Favorite childhood book:

My first and earliest memory of a favorite book goes way back to elementary school. I found this book all on my own--meaning no help from my parents or the librarian. As a side note, my parents were not huge readers themselves and did not read out loud to my sister and I very often, certainly not a chapter book, so I am always amazed that I grew up to be the avid reader that I am. I LOVE to read and have managed to successfully pass that love down to my children--well 3 out of the 4 are avid readers. What is that favorite book? This one!

I read this book over and over and over. Sadly, I had no idea there were three books in this series until I was an adult so I never had the joyful experience of reading them all at once. The Crystal Tree is actually the third in the series, although they all three stand alone. I looked for this book when my own daughter was little, but it was out of print and the internet was still a long way off in the future so book searches were quite limited. Then, miracle of miracles, about 6 years ago I was at a school district discarded book sale and I found it!!! My very own copy, 30 years after first falling in love with it. What is prompting me to write this post, you may wonder? Well, 6 years after finding this beloved copy, I now own a second book by Jennie D. Lindquist. I found it used on Amazon, (it too is out of print, although the copy I now own is copyrighted 1985) Its original release was 1959 and is the second book in the series, The Little Silver House. Now the one that is left and is eluding me, is the first in the series published in 1955, called, The Golden Name Day. I see it for sale on Amazon used books, and one of these days I will break down and buy one!
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What a neat story! Thanks for playing along!