Saturday, April 28, 2007

My weekend reflection

Wow! Another week has flown by. It has been a good week for us, nothing too eventful but just nice and calm.

Sunday: My "men" (husband and 2 sons) came home from the ocean--bringing with them fresh dug clams and clothes FULL of sand. :) They had a glorious time, as did I being home alone for the whole weekend.

Monday: The beginning of the work week and school for us. Work for me was BUSY--the center I work for has grown by leaps and bounds and did not see it coming. Another well known therapy center for children in our area closed its doors 5 weeks ago-giving the 600 families with special needs children they served 1 weeks notice. Our center went from being proud to have no waiting list to having a waiting list nearing 200 children in 5 weeks! It is sad and frustrating because we want to help them all, but do not have the staff of therapists to accomodate that large of an influx. The stress level has risen as we all adjust to the changes and the busyness around there.
The highlights of the evening were baseball practice of one son and the return of one of our favorite shows: Heroes!

Tuesday....brought another busy day at work and in the evening highlight was baseball practice for the other son and another favorite show: American Idol!!

Wednesday...the therapists and management at work celebrated Administrative Assistants day with us! I arrived at work and there were banners hung thanking us for being the glue to hold them all together and even a couple of little gifts on my desk. Then for lunch they had arranged a huge potluck for everyone and boy was there lots of yummy food. :) I left work early as I had a doctor appointment which brought no new answers for the cause of my mystery cough--didn't really like the doctor much, but he did decide he wanted me to have an upper GI series and that is scheduled for next week. The evening saw the last night of the boys Stockade program at church for the year and with came the awards and moving up ceremony. Here are a couple of pictures taken for posterity sake:
Sam is seen here with the 3 rangers for his group--daddy is on Sam's left. As a side note and tribute to my beloved husband, because of the way our sons are spaced, he has been a leader for 15 consecutive years---talk about commitment to his sons!!

This picture is of Sam walking up to the next station of the formation they make each week to open the evening activities. This was a big deal, because next fall when the program starts back up he will be a 6th grader---the top of the pack!! He has been looking forward to this for a couple of years.

Thursday...brought work and more baseball practice for both boys and then a nice quiet evening--early to bed and my book that night!

Friday...brought another series of doctor appointments before work. I had to be at the hospital at 7:30 am for a chest x-ray, pulmonary function tests and then a consult with a pulmonologist--who I did like! Everything tested out normal which is leading me, through the process of elimination, to seriously think the cough is being caused by the heart pvc's I have--and to seriously consider having the heart ablation done--yikes! I can't believe I am even considering that.
The evening brought pizza for dinner and a family movie night--We watched Night at the Museum (which we had seen in the theater)--just chilled and relaxed., brought morning saxophone lesson for older son, and then coffee at Starbucks with my best friend--where I sadly knocked over my veinte sized iced coffee all over the floor and caused quite a scene..sigh... Now we are home and I am doing laundry and getting ready to scrapbook. Here is what my son is doing:
Deep into his book........!
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annie said...

I hate when spills happen! So frustrating. Your son looks very content reading, I remember growing up spending much time in that same position.
Sounds like a great week!
♥, Annie

Mandalyn said...

I'm glad you had a good week! I spill things very often--my husband calls me "grace" (because I'm so very graceful)!:) I hope you have a weekend and upcoming week full of blessings!

God Bless!

Sarah said...

I think I've spent some nice time on that chair in the same position! Can't believe Sam's going to be in 6th grade!!! Geez...

Judi said...

Sounds like an eventful week. I hope your medical issues get resolved soon! I will send up a prayer for you. Oh and would you believe that we have the exact same furniture?!

Judi said...

I have had mine about 7 years I think. Long enough for my love seat to be broken down on one side!