Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Traipsing down memory lane...

I am joining this meme late as I just couldn't get my act together yesterday! Annie from My Life as Annie has started this to get to know fellow bloggers better. Come join in the fun!

Being 12 was SO very long ago. In fact, it was 1973! What I remember about life outside my little world:

* Top movies were, The Sting, and The Exorcist. I saw neither of them and to this day have not seen them.

*All in the Family began on t.v.--quite shocking for the times. My dad watched it, but my sister and I were tucked in bed before it came on so we didn't get to see it--we could here it though!

* In sports news: Secretariat won the Triple Crown and the media had a field day with the Battle of the Sexes: tennis players, Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs battled it out.

*VIETNAM! I grew up with this war being broadcast into our living room/dining room and hearing/seeing the latest news as we ate dinner. I remember the peace accord happening-in a vague way, and I remember MIA and POW bracelets.

* Richard Nixon was the President and I have very vivid memories of trying to understand this thing I kept hearing about called Watergate.

* Another memory is that of the big gas crisis/embargo. Very vivid memories of going with my dad to gas up the family car and waiting in looonnngggg lines...loving the smell of gasoline back then too! Oh, and gas prices? Try 40 cents a gallon!!!!

*On television my favorite shows were: The Odd Couple, The Partridge Family, Bob Newhart, The Waltons, Brady Bunch, Love American Style and Room 222. Several of these were on Friday night and made for a fun lineup!

In my personal life, I was in 6th grade. My teacher was Mrs. Cooper and I loved her. Two years later, she died of brain cancer. I was in the top reading group (and math) but for reading got to go to the library and meet with the librarian for reading time. We (there were about 6 of us in the group) had a lot of free reading time in REAL books instead of the readers the other kids had to read.
My best friend was Sharon Nazarenus--we are still friends to this day and is the only friend I still have contact with from all my growing up years! We both hated our hair--mine straight and thin, hers thick and curly--we coveted the other's hair.
Boys meant nothing to me at this time--I was still in elementary school, but was looking forward to moving up to the Junior High the next year. I had braces on my teeth which I abhorred, I still played with my baby doll occasionally and wore dresses to school almost everyday. It was only 2 years earlier that girls were allowed to wear pants to school--and absolutely NO jeans until my junior high years.
My family took our only non-camping vacation ever. We rode the train from Seattle to southern California and did the whole Disneyland thing. Shortly after that trip, my mom entered the hospital and underwent the first of 4 total hip replacements at the ripe old age of 32!
Wow--I didn't think I would remember that much, but once I got going the memories began to flow! I can tell you one thing, I never in all my wild imagination dreamed that I would one day be the mom to 4 children! Or married to such a wonderful man!


annie said...

How funny that you and your best friend wanted each other's hair, do you still? I have naturally wavy/curly hair and would love it to be naturally straight and have friends who want mine... I guess the saying is true "the grass is greener..."
4 hip replacements starting at 32? Wow, I imagine that was so hard for her and for you.
Thanks for playing along, I loved reading this.

Joyful Days said...

We are only a few years apart! I remember all of those things. I played with model horses, though. :)