Saturday, May 19, 2007

A splash of color

Are you ready for this???? Okay----today I broke down and bought a new shower curtain for my boys' bathroom! Doesn't get more exciting than that, does it? :)
Here is the before:

And here is the after:

Now--if there is an award for the world's most boring blog post, please give it to me. I don't think I have read on anyone else's blog an entry more deserving than this one! :) Actually I am excited about the color that curtain adds to the bathroom. I even considered buying a toilet seat/tank cover combo but decided, Nah! The primary users of this bathroom are an 11 year old boy and a 14 year old boy. It is MUCH easier to clean this bathroom with a minimum of fabric objects around the toilet area, if you get my drift!
I am also excited about the cleaning and organizing I accomplished in my bedroom. Wish I had before pics to add to some of after on that huge project.

I hope everyone has a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow.....Come Worship the King......


Joyful Days said...

I don't think that is boring! I think it is motivating. And if you are done cleaning and organizing there--just come on by my house. There's loads to do. I have all these plans...and they stay in the planning stage. LOL

Love that shower curtain.

annie said...

Not boring! Are you kiddin' me?
Love the new 'curtain'... I need to do an update on the kid's bathroom too. I usually decorate for holidays because it is all white with beadboard walls...

Hope your Lord's Day was awesome.