Sunday, May 20, 2007

Looking back...

This is a quick reflection for me as I want to get my Monday menu post up tonight too.

Work:.....was work. Overall it was a good work week, with Friday being very low-key.

Family:...My son had his end of the year band concert. He is 11 and may I say how incredibly proud of him I am?!
Both boys had baseball games, and in my old age I have found that I am able to relax and really enjoy watching them play. :)

My house:....spent yesterday sprucing up the boys' bathroom and cleaning/organizing my bedroom. Today I have been working on laundry and had my parents out for dinner. I had alluded in a previous post how stressful being with them can be, but God was so good today and we had a nice calm visit with them. :)
Looking forward to a new week....
weekend reflection brought to you by Mommy of Two.

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Judi said...

Sounds like a good week to me! I hope you have many blessings this week as well!