Monday, May 21, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

For TTT we are going back to our very first blog post. Here is mine:

I started my blog twice. The first time was :

May 7, 2005
Titled: Getting Started

I can't believe I have done this! I am probably the most computer illiterate mom on earth but I seem to be posting on a blog of my own right now! I am a mom of four kids--two in college and two still at home with me and being homeschooled. I have been married for 22 years to the most wondefrul mailman around who also happens to be the greatest dad around too. I have no set ideas for what this blog will be about. I guess it will be my musings on life as a mom of 1 girl and 3 boys, a log of what we are reading, (reading is VERY important to me), and chit-chat about our homeschool journey.

The second time was almost 2 years later:

2nd First post
April 18th, 2007

.....that is how long it has been since I last posted on this blog. My how my life has changed since that last blissful post. I am now a full-time working mum. I have now placed my remaining two boys in public school--(ugh!). I am now a mother-in-law! So--here it is......I am a full time receptionist at a children's neuromuscular therapy center. It is a great job, a dream job actually, considering I haven't worked in 20 years I truly believe the Lord dropped it in my lap. While my boys are doing fine in public school, I so miss being home with them each day. They really felt like my buddies. I didn't realize how much my 11 year old was still missing being home-schooled until last night when I offered to reinstate read alouds at night. His eyes lit up and he settled right down while I read. So, the goal is to find time several evenings a week where we can fit it in. I will post later about all the books we are reading.

The other life changing event for me, was watching my oldest child and only daughter get married last August. I have never seen my *little* girl so happy....

So, the wedding is over, I am working, life has somewhat settled down for us. Of course there is always the saga of my 21 year old who is away to college. That child has given me every gray hair on my head!! :) And there is the fun of our first big vacation ever coming up this summer to Disney Land! I am sure that will be full of all kinds of fun. Until later....

My life changed a lot in two years. The day I wrote that very first post, I NEVER dreamed that I would be working full time in two years or that my two youngest children would be enrolled in public school. I have cried many tears over that, and experienced such grief that made my heart ache. We have adjusted and I have kind of learned to rest in the fact that I really think this is the plan that God has for my life at this time. Nothing stays the same and we don't always get the desires of our heart and there are positive things about me working. I guess it has taken me 45 years to realize that there is no perfect life situation. Since starting my blog again a whole new world has opened up--there are several new blogs that I really enjoy reading and the Memes are such fun--along with giving me specific things to blog about at times where I might be at a loss--kind of like grown up writing prompts. :)

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- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Praise God that He gives us grace to overcome things that hurt us.

I love grown up writing prompts (like memes LOL).

Joyful Days said...

I look at the pictures of your daughter and am reminded that I could have easily had a child old enough to get married!! She is very beautiful.

Glad you took the plunge back into blogging after your two year hiatus.

(()) for having to release the homeschooling. Glad God placed you in a good situation to work in.

Have a wonderful day.


CoachJ said...

I loved reading this...while my kids are homeschooled now, I know they will go back to private school eventually. I'm glad you're doing TTT; gives me new people to "meet" and read about. I'm working on mine now.

annie said...

I'm so glad you did ttt today. I learned a ton of new stuff about you! Your daughter was a beautiful bride. I am amazed that 'everyone' doesn't blog, so it is interesting to read about how each person started.
I'm glad you did, and that I have met you through blogging!


KC said...

What a beautiful bride you daughter was. I'm glad you came back to blogging, it was really fun to read.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Wow a lot did happen since your first and second posts. Great reads!


Irritable Mother said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere!
I am in agreement with your daughter being a beautiful bride - I'm sure you were very proud.
Thanks for visiting my TTT post. I do hope you'll continue to stop over.

Sheryl said...

I really enjoyed your post. You and I share several things in common, three sons and one daughter, becoming mil's, and being in our 40's :)
Your daughter is beautiful...isn't it always startling to look at your grown children and realize how quickly the years have flown??

Renee's Ramblings said...

I am so glad I found this TTT meme. It is so interesting to read everyone's posts. Your daughter was a beautiful bride! Thanks for sharing.