Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wandering thoughts

From the KOMO 4 news site:

"How hot? Most of the area from Everett south were well into the 80s. Seattle tied its record high for the day at 87 degrees, set also in 1956."
It WAS stinkin' hot today folks. What is up with this weather? It has been like this all week, when we normally don't get this hot around here until after the 4th of July. Anyway-I am not complaining--we had a hard, cold, snowy, WINDY winter and a rainy, cool spring, so this warmth is nice.

Tomorrow is my cardiac stress test. It is scheduled at a hospital about 45 minutes away right in the middle of my work day, so I decided to take the day off. The up-side of this is that Sam has an orthodontist appointment at 8:20 which I can take him to, instead of my husband. He is having one of these lovely devices installed:
It is called a Herbst appliance, and as ghastly as it looks, I know that within a couple of days he will be totally used to it, but until then he will probably be a bit miserable. After 20 years and 4 children in orthodontia, I don't get as freaked out as I did in the beginning, but I still try to have some compassion for the little guy. He is the only one of my four who have needed this device--(actually it wasn't even invented yet back when my oldest was in treatment). We are needing it because a previous device he wore just couldn't/ wouldn't seem to do the trick in the jaw moving department.

So, since he will be uncomfortable and I need to drive on the freeway that is ALWAYS congested, I am keeping him home from school tomorrow for a mommy/son day. (plus, now I can use the carpool lane getting to my appointment! :) ) Anyway, if you think of us and are the praying sort, we would appreciate any prayers offered up on our behalf. I am less than thrilled about this stress test thing--but would dearly like to find out if there is something else going on with my heart than what they previously thought.

I think I will end this entry on a pretty note and post a picture of my gerber daisies I posted last Friday.


annie said...

You can count on my prayers Kim!

Karen said...

You can count on mine, too! Have a safe drive!